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Newbiggin beach replenishment project
Welcome to Newbiggin by the Sea
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roof of sailing club photo of bay


The project involves four main areas of development:

• The construction of a 200 metre long breakwater approximately 300 metres offshore - in the middle of Newbiggin Bay [sea defence page]

• The introduction of around 500,000 tonnes of sand, brought by dredger from the Lincolnshire coast, to replenish the beach and provide additional sea defence - required after years of erosion and mining subsidance has lowered the beach level [beach page]

• The installation of a specially commissioned piece of public art on the breakwater [art page]

• A series of promenade improvements to enhance the sea front environment [promenade page]

Further information about the project is available from the official web site at

This web site aims to document the project from the point of view of those who live in the village. The galleries section has a growing collection of images taken by Jason Thompson and others in the village, as well as video clips and panoramic images.

Information on the progress of the project is provided on a daily basis where possible, in the update section.

Further information about Newbiggin by the Sea is available at

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