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Newbiggin beach replenishment project
Welcome to Newbiggin by the Sea
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Video Gallery Archive

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Sean Henry talks about Couple for The Journal web site:
Offshore Couple a swelling attraction

Aug 20 2007

by Sam Wood, The Journal

THE country’s first piece of offshore public art was met with a mixed response yesterday after finally being lifted into place.

Couple sculpture arrives - video

Wansbeck reporter

THE long wait for Newbiggin's iconic new sculpture to arrive is almost over ... and the artist behind the UK's first offshore structure is gearing up for its installation.

Sean Henry, the sculptor behind the striking artwork has recently finished painting the bronze figures and says after three years of working on the piece, it is ready for its new home off Newbiggin Bay.

, which has been commissioned by Inspire – South East Northumberland's Public Art and Design Initiative – is set to transform the seaside village's horizon this week.

From the News Post Leader web site



BBC1's The ONE Show

27th August 2007 was the day that Newbiggin by the Sea made a speacial live broadcast to the world as part of the ONE Show Bank Holiday special.

The crowds gathered on the beach as Barry Lowther, Mabel Allen and Jason Thompson were interviewed, and Newbiggin's fame was spread throughout the nation!

The piece showed the new beach and COUPLE.

See the August Gallery for stills of this event - click here


Tyne Tees News - 20th August 2007

Mabel Allen, Trish and Jez from The Black Pearl, and Jason Thompson are interviewed for the regional news programme - talking about Sean Henry's COUPLE sculpture.

Love it or not love it, it's there and it's causing a reaction. It's being talked about, and we want people to come and see it for themselves!

See the August Gallery for stills of this event - click here

See the recent BBC TV Making Waves report HERE

The show, shown as a special segment in the BBC Regional News, interviewed Barry Lowther from Life Initiative, Rebecca de'Wessington from Pride of Northumbria, and Cilin Nevin from Nevin's Nibbles, as well as some locals on the promenade.

Sean Henry Speaks to Newbiggin Bay Web Site

17th August 2007

An interview for this web site with Sean Henry, the sculptor who created "Couple".

The interviewer is Rebecca de'Wessington.

In it, he describes this web site as a "virtual Newbiggin".




Click here to see a short film about COUPLE - as seen on Channel 4 in early July.

A short film by Alan Vinters showing the last day of the sand arriving on the Newbiggin beach.

This video is available on YouTube at

The Hunkleton Stone is carefully replaced in its former location on 21st June 2007.
Tim Martin helps the Atkins crew fill in the crater made to accommodate the Hunkleton Stone - 21st June 2007

The last sand

7.30am Friday 16th June 2007 - The calm after the sand...

After the final load of sand has been unloaded by The Oranje, there is an eerie silence, and a sense of calmness. The small crowd that had gathered had seen the last of the cargo ship, as the mist had descended to hide her from our view, but to bid farewell The Oranje's horn sounded through the fog, and her job was done.

Click the picture to see and hear the final moments of the sand delivery,

Locals Peter Seddon and Eva Hartley talk about the new Sean Henry artwork, Couple, which will be placed on the breakwater mid July.
The final load of sand is deposited onto the beach by the Oranje, between 4.30am and 7.30am on 16th June 2007. A small but dedicated crowd witnessed the event.
A new resident of Newbiggin enjoys the beach in the beautiful sunshine on the very first day after the final sand delivery - 17th June 2007
June 17th 2007 - the first day of the new beach, and the sun is out, along with dozens of visitors eager to test the sand. This is the view from the middle of the beach.
Above: Arrival of the sand - 4th June 2007. Bulldozer and digger place a segment of pipe mid-flow. 9.30pm, Horseshoe Steps.
Above: 3rd June - night arrival of sand. Video by Rebecca de'Wessington.

View the video archive from May 2007

We welcome contributions to this web site. If you have photographs, video clips or written materials that relate to the project or Newbiggin Bay in general, and would like them to be considered for inclusion, contact or telephone 01670 810370 to speak to Jason Thompson.

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