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Newbiggin beach replenishment project
Welcome to Newbiggin by the Sea
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Video Gallery

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Friday 21st September 2007

Sean Henry, sculptor of COUPLE visits Newbiggin by the Sea, and while he's here chats to's Jason Thompson about his work, including the inspiration for the sculpture, how it was commissioned, and the challenges of creating a sculpture in the middle of the bay on a breakwater.

COUPLE Installation

17th August 2007

The erection at night, of the Sculpture 'couple' in Newbiggin bay, by Sean Henrey

Video by Alan Vinters


1st September 2007: A visit to Strekker

On the second last day of her being in Newbiggin Bay, after a long and fascinating summer building the breakwater and placing the Couple sculpture, Richard Martin and Jason Thompson were invited aboard Strekker.

The crew, including Peter and Andre, gave us a tour of the vessel, and showed us exactly how the coreloc are placed, using a scale model. They then demonstrated the controls of the crane, including the very impressive sattelite navigation stsyem, which shows the exact position of the crane for pinpoint accurate rock placement. This video shows some of the very last rock placement before Strekker leaves Newbiggin Bay.

For more pictures of this visit, see the Strekker Visit Gallery.

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