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Newbiggin beach replenishment project
Welcome to Newbiggin by the Sea
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September 2007

moon Harvest Moon and Beach Pools 26-27 Sept.
A new Harvest Moon rises over the bay, and with it comes an unusually high tide - the highest so far after the arrival of the new beach. The beach looks smooth and tidy, and in places pools have formed in the hollows. Photos by Derek Hobbs.
Wave crash High Tide and Rough Seas
29th September 2007 saw the highest tides so far for the new beach. Waves also crashed over the Needle's Eye headland, and lapped at the feet of the Couple. Photographs by Jason Thompson.
dawn The difference a blessing makes...
Dawn 22nd September 2007 - and the light breaks on Couple the day after the blessing ceremony. And we're all blessed by it... Photos by Derek and Margaret Hobbs.

fun day

A Fun Day was had by all
23rd September was the day of celebration on the beach and promenade to mark the final stages of the Bay Regeneration project. Shuggi Boats, sandcastles and a free funfair guaranteed a fun day.
quartet The Civic Reception
After the Blessing Ceremony, a Civic Reception was held at The Sailing Club, complete with string quartet and Northumbrian Buffet. All of the important people were well and truly thanked.
performanc What a performance!
A community celebration included New Writing North's poetry winners, writing from young and old, music from LOON and local schools, and dance pieces inspired by Couple. A moving experience!
ron and sean The Sculptor and the Birdman
Sean Henry and local flying celebrity Ronnie Freeman meet to discuss possible aerial photography of Couple for a forthcoming publication. 21st September 2007.
blessing The Baptism of the Sculpture?
21st September was a very special day - and the morning at least was very wet, as the sky opened to pour rain and blessing in equal measure. Photos by Jason Thompson
steps Final Steps
20th - 21st September 2007 - the tidying up of the steps, paving, filling in around the base, and final touches to the Horseshoe Steps. Photos by Derek and Margaret Hobbs.
ceremony The Blessing of the Sculpture
The rain poured, the people came along anyway to see and hear the blessing ceremony by Rev. Judith Grieve. Photos by Derek and Margaret Hobbs, 21/9/07
Shifting Sands Shifting Sands
19th September 2007 - the return of the heavy machinery signals the start of the final phase of earthworks on the beach. The huge pile of sand excavated for the steps is moved northwards.
prom views Promenade update
18th to 20th September - various viws along the prom showing the work in progress, including the Horseshoe Steps and Vernon Place. Photos by Claudia Ridley.
sinkerline removed The sinkerline leaves
7th September 2007. After being a part of the beach furniture for several months, the sinkerline is finally towed out to sea, and away from Newbiggin. Photos by Derek Hobbs.
Site offices leave The site offices go
13th to 16th September 2007 - the portacabins that have been the siote offices at the Church Point Playground are removed. Photos by Andy Curtis and Jason Thompson.
strekker farewell Farewell to Strekker
Final preparations and at last Strekker leaves Newbiggin Bay for her next job. We'll miss the sight of her lighting up the bay. Photos by DerekHobbs.
sinkerline removal Sinkerline prepared for removal
6th September 2007 - the sinkerline is inflated and tested for seaworthiness before being removed from the bay. Photographs by Derek Hobbs.
Finishing Touches Finishing Touches
Derek Hobbs photographs show the final touching up of Couple before the Strekker leaves Newbiggin - final paintwork and platform completion.
sinkerline removal The floating of the sinkerline
6th September 2007 - a casual walk along the beach reveals work on floating and removing the sinkerline. Photos by Jason Thompson
September photos A sunny start to September
Soaring temperatures and sunny weather brought many people to the beach and out in their boats. And it was the last day on the project for Peter the Health and Safety Officer - best wishes!
Strekker Aboard Strekker: 1/09/07
A special visit to Strekker with Peter and Andre, along with Richard Martin. A fascinating view of life aboard a floating crane, and a bird's eye view of COUPLE. Thanks for the invite and best wishes for the future!


We welcome contributions to this web site. If you have photographs, video clips or written materials that relate to the project or Newbiggin Bay in general, and would like them to be considered for inclusion, contact or telephone 01670 810370 to speak to Jason Thompson.

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