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Newbiggin beach replenishment project
Welcome to Newbiggin by the Sea
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Newbiggin's beach was once a holiday destination for thousands, but in the last 20 years or so, the beach has become a shadow of its former self, and has been largely lost to erosion and tides. The project will see the beach replenished, and this will allow a much larger area of sand at low tide, for the community and visitors to enjoy, as in the past.

Half a million tonnes of sand is being pumped onto the existing beach from a dredger anchored in the bay. This will then be positioned by bulldozers and ground crew over the course of the summer.

Beach Plan
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Click an image below to see a slideshow of pictures from the past 100 years, showing Newbiggin sea front

sea 1 sea 1 sea 1 sea 1

The last sand

7.30am Friday 16th June 2007 - The calm after the sand...

After the final load of sand has been unloaded by The Oranje, there is an eerie silence, and a sense of calmness. The small crowd that had gathered had seen the last of the cargo ship, as the mist had descended to hide her from our view, but to bid farewell The Oranje's horn sounded through the fog, and her job was done.

Click the picture to see and hear the final moments of the sand delivery,

BBC NEWS 24th May 2007:

Click here for Hunkleton Stone page - send us your stories and pictures about this famous Newbiggin landmark.

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The first load of sand arrives early morning on 23rd May 2007, witnessed by a small crowd of officials and residents.

Video clip 1 - by Richard Martin   Video clip 2 - by Richard Martin
The very first load of sand arrives 23rd May 2007
  sand 2
First visitors to the new beach 24th May 2007
The Oranje arrives at night
Watching in wonder - community and contractors together

Click here for a slideshow of the first load of sand arriving

For technical information about this aspect of the project, visit the official web site at

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